Developing our baby room

We are currently focusing on developing our baby room where the babies have:

  • A soft play area where they can develop their gross motor skills and strengthen their muscles.
  • A baby Gym and mini climbing frame again for their gross motor skills, walking, crawling, standing etc.
  • A book tent where they go to look at books to start learning about words and their meanings.
  • A home corner and role play area where they are starting to learn about pretend play.
  • There are lots of baskets at their level filled with a variety of toys to stimulate them and help them with their individual learning schemas.
  • Lots of adult led activity resources like a basket full of props for aiding singing with the children and messy play resources too.

I have done a video of the baby room which you can view on our Facebook Page here

and we will be starting a free baby group next month so you can come along and bring your baby to see what they think.

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