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Funding and spaces

Ahead of the new Government funding we have been getting a lot of enquiries about spaces so they are filling up fast.

If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them for you and we can help you to apply to see if you qualify for the funding too, just ask.

We are also taking bookings now for the Easter Fit and Fed sessions and plan to have some exciting enrichment activities for the children, more details to follow.

Developing our baby room

We are currently focusing on developing our baby room where the babies have:

  • A soft play area where they can develop their gross motor skills and strengthen their muscles.
  • A baby Gym and mini climbing frame again for their gross motor skills, walking, crawling, standing etc.
  • A book tent where they go to look at books to start learning about words and their meanings.
  • A home corner and role play area where they are starting to learn about pretend play.
  • There are lots of baskets at their level filled with a variety of toys to stimulate them and help them with their individual learning schemas.
  • Lots of adult led activity resources like a basket full of props for aiding singing with the children and messy play resources too.

I have done a video of the baby room which you can view on our Facebook Page here

and we will be starting a free baby group next month so you can come along and bring your baby to see what they think.

Back to five days a week

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that we are back to being open 5 days a week again, (now from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm when required), so just let us know if you need any extra hours,.

From next week we will also be re-starting the After School and Breakfast club so let us know if you will be needing that as well.


Kindest regards



Hedgehog visitor

As I was putting the bikes away into the shed I had a visit from a hedgehog who decided he would join me, he checked that I did the job properly and then disappeared behind the shed.

Next week we can see if we can encourage him to pop back out to see the children.

September Spaces Available

Well we are slowly starting to get back to normal at last The children are enjoying playing with their friends again and we are getting busy. Therefore, we are now in a position to be able to take on a new apprentice to join our friendly team, anyone who is interested in this position please contact us for further information.

We do still have a few spaces available for September, anyone who is interested in getting more information please phone us on Plymouth 225115 or message us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Kind regards



We are still getting parents telling us that they did not know we were here, so I have had a banner designed that we will put up, here is a preview.


Fun Day

I just want to say a big thank you to all those of you who braved the awful weather on Saturday to come along to our Fun Day to support us, we hope you had a good time and enjoyed meeting Bob, who says he enjoyed meeting you so much that he will come back again! A big thank you to all the Bright Sparks staff (and other helpers) who gave up their time freely to help on Saturday, it is much appreciated and valued and we made a grand total of £166 which will be used towards improvements to the garden.